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The last sector where ENGIMEK has made projects. Due to quick growing and special importance for us, it deserves to have its own website area. Engimek likes races and we offer Technical Assistance on them. We get plenty of satisfaction when our customers obtain succesful results using our products.

ENGIMEK focuses on calculation, design and manufacturing chasis parts for racing vehicles, mainly suspension components: shock absorbers and springs, even TCAs, top mounts and other suspension parts.

When designing a new car, or checking an existing one, ENGIMEK can make studies of vehicle trains geometries and roll centers, in order to check the variations of camber and toe-in angles, predicting the vehicle behaviour and searching the best solution for improving ride.

Therefore, due to our knowledges and experience on industrial fabrication, ENGIMEK can also design and build customized componets, such as engine supports, brake couplings, hubs,...

Our target: Give the best solution with the highest quality.

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Our more than 10 years experience working for OE suspensions, allows us to face each customer personally, and adapt to each team requirements and race type.

Engimek designs and fabricates taylor made suspensions for whatever motorsport car.

Multiple options: 1,2,3 ways. remote reserve deposit or not, different settings and dimensions for tarmac, gravel, tracks,...

We can also review and resetting suspensions from main trade marks. On our store there are a lot of spare parts: seals, shims, pistons,... for each application.

Ask us and request quotation without any compromise 

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Top mounts with ball joints gives vehicle more precission, since original rubber items are removed. Therefore, FR or RR axis alignment and set up quick regulation is allowed, so you can adapt your vehicle to each race condition or driving.

Engimek designs and fabricates racing cars fixed or regulable top mounts with ball joints insert, with the following options:

- Eccentric, for caster and camber simultaneous setting (normally in stock)

- Camber regulation solely

- Caster regulation solely

- Fixed

Normally in stock we store the following models:

BMW E30/E36 (FR and RR)

Peugeot 106, 205, 206, 306 y 309
Citroen AX, Saxo and ZX
Renault S5 Gt-Turbo, Clio I and II, R11
Opel Kadett and Astra
VW Golf II, III (fixed)
Seat Ibiza (fixed or regulable, according to model)



Silent Blocks Saxo-AX-106


These PSA group small vehilces continue giving great satisfactions to their drivers. ENGIMEK has developed diverse components  for ride and control improvement, both for street use or motorsport:

- Monotube shock absorbers, Front and Rear

- Coil spring kit, and height regulation

- Front axis reinforced polyurethane silent-blocks

- Rigid or polyurethane reinforced bushings for rear cross beam.

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Engimek has supplied racing suspensions and other components to different teams in different race types. Do not hesitate on ask for references